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special guests:
Ursula Biemann, CH & Angela Sanders, CH/GB
BORDER LOG: A CARTOGRAPHY OF SMUGGLING:Within the Spanish-Moroccan borderlands smuggling is an
integral part of the daily border culture that is performed mainly by Moroccan women. The female smugglers
strap shirts and cloths to their body, layer by layer, until they have doubled their body volume. The economic
logic of the border inscribes itself onto every layer of the transforming, mobile, female body.
© Biemann/Sanders 2004.

Simojukka Ruippo and Jouni Hokkanen, FIN
PYONGYANG ROBOGIRL: Pyongyang, the capital of mysterious North Korea was built to impress. There is even
no need for traffic lights in the workers`paradise. The traffic police at the main intersections rank among the
most beautiful women in the world.
Doll-like beauties swivel mechanically while directing traffic. They stand statuesques in electric blue uniform,
short haircut, strong make-up and black-visored cap.
http://www.ses.fi and http://www.somafilm.com

Judith Samen, D
EXISTENZ I: Is a "tableau vivant" taken from a series consisting of five parts. The child`s intensive kneading
and modelling of the seemingly organic material in combination with the beat of the heart refers to the
rhythmic processes of the body, which vitally belong to every life. Although filmed from outside, it creates the
impression of an interior human world.

Reynald Drouhin, F
VOLTE-FACE: Point of view clouds / faces. Comme tous les enfants allong�s dans l'herbe et regardant le ciel,
 je m'amuse � composer des visages avec des nuages: point de vue.

Adad Hannah, GB/CA
4 CHAIRS: This video Still shows the quotidian performances that occur everyday in any museum.
By remaining perfectly still the models try to become a photograph or a painting, but as they blink and stir
they inevitably show themselves to be human beings - twitching, breathing, and shifting just like the viewer.
This Still is part of the series Museum Stills:

Nikos Giavropoulos, GR
MAILE IDEAL?:The video shows a man that wears a helmet and holds a sword to fight like a child in empty space.
There is no opponent or may be the opponent is himself. The video in a grotesque way is antimiltraristic...

Nordine Sajot, F/I
30" MUSEUM :It's said that people don't stay more than 30" in front of an art piece in museums!?...
About the design of a seat and the bewitching of the Rietveldt chair.

Myriam Thyes, CH, L, D
ASCENSION: part of www.thevideoartfoundation.com. The glass elevator at the luxurious hotel Marriott
Marquis in New York brings you to "heaven" ... We are brought up and tought to strive for higher things �
success, wealth, honour, and/or spiritual enlightenment. ASCENSION shows - in a brief and ironic way -
this aspiration and its compensation.

Hercli Bundi, CH
CRASH:Two men are confronting each other. They look exactly the same. So who is the aggressor
and who the victim?
http://www.mirafilm.ch http://www.enzenna.com

Chiara Passa, I
EXTEN(Z)SION Project IV: Soundtrack by Mokamed.
Virtual space extensions are projected one a wall and offering a whole variety of views and insghts according
to the visitor directions. They are just the environments in motion that crossing the spectator leads him to
watch an "unfinished space", another dimension. A performance idea is the base of this animation, you will
see a place which moves naturally beyond its functionality.

Youngmi Chun, GB/ROK
Near my house, there is a shop that only has pure breed dogs for mating.
One of dog in the shop is always watching outside through the glass window in a cage.
I am curious what in his mind is.

Automata: Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic, SL
TWITCH:This work is about interferences between physical movements and cognitive functions displayed
through bodily electricity, about specific social circumstances revealed through the twitches, electro convulsive
therapy and the loss of memory as its side effect, and finally about bodily discipline implicated in physically
most demanding of all sports � sports gymnastics. Automata: Tanja Vujinovic & Zvonka Simcic, 2004

Fabio Volpi, I
SFERANERA: A possible dinamic view of a A.Pomodoro�s sculpture.

Boris du Boullay, F
IDISAPEAR.NET: In 2003, i photograph myself the face. I am 34 years old. One year later, september 2004
22th, i put this photo on line. Since, each day, a pixel of this photograph is replaced by a white pixel. This
photograph contains 20 000 pixels. In 20 000 days, the 20 000 pixels of this photo will be white and my face
of this day will all have disappeared. 20 000 days mean 54 years. In 54 years, il will be 88 years old, and I
will be close to death.
http://www.idisappear.net and http://www.lesfilmsminute.com

Lars Vilhelmsen, DK
YTRING (REMARK). I will build me a farm! There shall be a garden too, large fields, green meadows ...):
A traditional Danish nursery rhyme against the Danish government qouta policy concerning ethnic refugees.
(The Showdown Prophecy of the Quota-Nation)

Rick Niebe, I/D
World's image in the age of video surveillance (a web movie). Visual: A digital editing of 360 web-cam fixed
images of Hardenbergplatz -Berlin- downloaded from 12 to 24. Sound: "cut-up" from various movies.

ELASTIC/ Group of Artistic Research, Alexandro Ladaga & Silvia Manteiga, I/E
FULL OR EMPTY: Two hands that ask for or two hands that take? Full or Empty is our point of view about the
extreme urgence of globalizing with justice.

Frederique Santune, F
Memory 60 sec. 2004. Sound design : Lo�c Benart. What is more personnal than a memory ?What is more
intimate? It is a secret senario which loses, whereas the time is dropping its accuracy and which wins
subjectivity. If it is true that everybody builds their self in function of their own experiences, finally, from their
interpretations it keeps only some bits of arbitrary sensations.

George Drivas & Maria Antelmann, GR
�G.P.S.� is an advertisement about a new generation of cars. It is the �Point of View� of an intelligent machine.
It is the story of a good-buy letter. It is basically personal.

Tjader-Knight inc., FIN/GB
adopted a proposal for a Council Regulationthat will set legally binding minimum standards for harmonised
security features, including biometric identifiers, in all EU passports.... This would create a global database of
over a billionpeople by 2015. ARE WE ALL BECOMING SUSPECTS?

Driton Hajredini, KOS
SIN: Last Train for Kosova!!!

Ella Josef, NL/CA
BIT ONE: Relevant to me is to convey to the audience the universal character of my work, evoking awareness
and participation by appealing to the viewer�s inherent nature to ask questions and find answers.Theatre of
Truth(s) is a new project, eclectic voyage of ideas, discovery and self-reflection(s) brought into form(s) and
content(s) that integrate and disintegrate themselves, to show this artist�s found and fragmented truth of bits
and pieces while persuading viewers to bring with them and carry away their own bits and pieces of truth(s).
Bit One is the first in the Theatre of Truth(s).
http:// www.i2iconcepts.net/ellajoseph

Gudrun Kemsa, D
ROUNDABOUT: My work reflects the life of the contemporary consumer society, where fun and entertainment
are regarded as the most important thing in life. People escape from their everyday reality, to seek superficial
pleasure. This is visualised by ROUNDABOUT, a trip on a carousel. For one minute a spiral of velocity and time
develops. The rhythm of movement and music transports people on a whirling journey. When it's over, the
next passengers push eagerly onto the stage, to begin their journey.

Natasa Skusek, SLO
PORKA/WEDDING: Very romantic wedding atmosphere together with discomfort notices which is talking about
problems in partnership.The music is also traditional romantic march, and becomes silly.The video is talking
about the problems between partners.

Vitalie Stasie, MD (17years)
with OWH TV Studio:

Jos� Miguel Biscaya, P/NL/D
FRIEDENSMARSCH: (we are the world): is a video-tryptich, which shows an endless passing by of a march
or demonstration seen from three different points of view.

Irena Paskali, MK
AT THIS BOTTOM: We are the seem in front of the God, are you belive i n Bible or Kuran God's books are
always seems....

Morgan Showalter, GR/USA
Alaleh Exhales: depicts a single moment when a young woman smoking a cigarette exhales. In this common
action glimpses of personality, sensuality, and character are revealed and an instant relationship with the
viewer is created.

Cristina Sarivan, MD (14years)
BE FREE: We live in a world where minute after minute our individuality is being burried. There's a direction
where the flow is going, people smoke, drink, do drugs, they want to have big jobs with big salaries and be
bosses. This way art is being forgetten. You don't have to be like everyone else, you should follow your dreams
and be yourself, because you are free! With OWH TV

Daniel Silvo Gonz�lez, E
ULYSSWES: Ulysses:Shown as a have-not Ulysses is represented as a man abandoned to his fate (or to the
destiny of the gods).Thus, reached the island of the Phaeacians and having lost both his friends and his boat,
�began Ulysses to make himself a bed to lie on, for there was a great litter of dead leaves lying about�, as
homeless who wander across the streets of our cities.This Videotape lead us by the hand of Ulysses through

Robert Lisek, PL
WE GOTTA GUN: software injections /guerilla tactics/ Fundamental Research Lab in Beijing.
We're trying to build software injections, not via one person's efforts only, but via the combined efforts of a
small but very strong team. We're trying to destabilize center (control strategies, digital standards).We're
trying to change of base and source (data streams, flextext, latex code, java or phyton code).

Matteo Peterlini, I
SPLASH: In our times, featured by the absence of present, which idea of beauty can be expressed? This is the
question Matteo Peterlini asked himself. Through his own software, the images of six models alternate on the
screen. In this environment made by pixels and regulated by algorithms the six characters mix, cancel each
other out, lose their own identity, recompose and dematerialise again in something abstract and impalpable.
This is the contemporary ideal of beauty: dynamic, manifold and indefinable.� Galleria civica di arte
contemporanea Trento Cristina Natalicchio Marco Tomasini.

Judith Nothnagel, D
CONNECTION: Is a video out of the serie _Infra_Strukt. It appears like a scenario of a video play where the
protagonists are embedded in without any change to escape. Reality or Simulation? The work reflects the
themes: identity, space and evolution.
http://www.judith-nothnagel.de http://www.ba-no.de

Hubert Baumann, D
Trans_fer: is a critical reflection of infrastructures in times of globalisation in Europe. The experimental video
reminds on political, time and space structures.

Mihaela Ciuha, SLO
NIKA: is a video notice, originally a 5 minutes video. The first cast: silence...Girl is swinging toward the
moment of devotion... (when she push herself up to the sky and her atention leaves surroundings ).
The second cast: a camera is looking from her point of view. Into one are joined the following: her devoted fee-
lings, my view through the camera and surrounding sounds (klopotec � slovenian etno wind-instrument which
keep birds away from wineyards).I am loking for an abstract video notice in a simple, everyday experience.

Juanjo Fern�ndez Rivero, E
LLENO ES VACIO: It is not easy find a human being in a city like Chicago. A city where the man's hand is a
proof but not his existente... The image of the city: the architecture, the mass media, the power symbols, the

Selda Asal & Ceren Oykut, TUR

Jan Verbeek, D
HUNDERT SEKUNDEN TOKYO: - One hundred seconds of Tokyo -